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Social-Based Lending: Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for Financial Good

A forward-looking company is radically changing the rules of the game in the financial industry. This is the view advanced by Lenddo, a social enterprise started in 2011 with the goal of economically empowering the middle class in developing countries. Founded by Jeff Stewart and Richard Eldridge, two businessmen who formerly worked in the financial and technology industries, Lenddo is based in Hong Kong and has a data science team in New York City. Despite a small staff of only 66, the company has grown to more than 380,000 members in the Philippines, Colombia and Mexico in the past two years. This extraordinary success is due to the company’s innovative online model.

A Difficult Task: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Social Media

Digital entertainment giant Sony and the non-profit World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) put one simple question onto the web in September 2010: “How can today’s technology help us to make the most of our planet’s resources?” It was the kick-off for their initiative called Open Planet Ideas (OPI). Participants from nearly 200 countries joined the journey to find an answer. In doing so, they identified more than 300 challenges our world faces at the moment. For instance, how do we turn our behaviours less resource-intensive? And how to turn waste into something useful?

Switched: The Interviewers Become the Interviewees

At the World Water Forum 6, Student Reporter Eva Papadimas and I were interviewed by Suez Environment’s Water Blog. It was a rare case of reversing roles: the previous day Student Reporter Maria-Tzina Leria had interviewed Jean Marc Jahn, CEO for a Suez-affiliated company in Algeria. For the reverse interview, Suez staffers asked us about the Student Reporter program, our backgrounds and what we hope that the Forum achieves. To view the write-up and video, please click here for the Suez Water Blog. You can also view the video below: