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Real Prices for Resources against Squandering – Interview with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is one of the gurus of resource efficiency present at the WRF 2011. I had the privilege to interview him. I asked about him how did we arrive to the present resource squandering and how should the political and economical frame change to establish a sustainable resources use? How did the perception of resources changed during the last 40 years? Are politicians ready to change something?

Resource Policy: The Musical Chairs Game

Together, Let’s imagine the Resources Policy Game. The game, which started almost twenty years ago in Rio at the First Earth Summit, is played by a group of 6 people. Arranged in a circle, 5 chairs face each other, while the players are all standing outside the circle. A non-playing individual plays the music, in this case, the “Sustainability Song”. Governments, NGOs, international institutions, academia, civil society and businesses are all outside the circle: walking, dancing, running or not moving at all.