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University of Pennsylvania @Rio+20

On June 15th 2012, two students from the University of Pennsylvania presented a Rio+20 pre-conference session at the United States Department Pavilion.  Their presentation “Sustainability Knows No Boundaries” gave insight into higher education’s role in sustainability, both in curriculum and facilities. They discussed the many interdisciplinary initiatives that Penn incorporates to its curriculum, such as the Master of Environmental Studies program and the Architecture school’s concentrations in land use management and urban sustainable development. Additionally, many Penn faculties are incorporating sustainability as part of the overall institution’s commitment. As part of Penn’s Climate Action Plan and internal commitments to sustainability, David Schreiber outlined Penn’s refurbishing many of its historical buildings with more efficient, energy saving lighting.

A tribute to a colorful set of posts and reporters – bold, humble and fun

Student Reporter Team @WRF 2011

What happens if you fall in love with your job, or asked in another way, how can you fall in love with what you do? As a managing editor I had the privilege to work with a fascinating bunch of students who were supposed to write about change and cover the perspectives of change makers. I realized during the virtual coaching and preparatory days and the even more intensive time during the World Resources Forum in Davos that this selected group of young students are changemakers themselves. While having had the chance to see the reporters grow from post to post I fell in love with my job. You will witness a glimpse of my enlightment in the following video in which the reporters introduce to their favourite posts.