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Enhancing Your Writing Skills – A blog Post is a symphony

In this section, I will be looking  at how can we enhance writing skills, or in other words, make a post exciting and interesting to read. First of all, before even starting to write, think for a few seconds about these three questions:

*Who am I writing to? *Why am I writing to these people? *What is the best way to get my message across? *What is the message I want my readers to remember?

YES we can! – What can we learn from youth?

Yes we can! Obama was not the first to use this empowering sentence. Roger Baud founder of ACTIS, a spin off of ETHZ, already used it in 2000 to promote the first Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) course. Bring 35 young people from all around the world together for 17 days. Hold interactive classes on sustainability from 8 am to 8 pm.

Joining the pieces of the puzzle

In the first plenary session of the day the speakers showed incontestable facts demonstrating that keeping business as usual is not an option that will allow our children to enjoy the same living standard we do. Beside showing the need to change, every speaker proposed it’s own approach on what and how to change. What lacked was the connection between the different solutions presented. It was like looking at the pieces of the same puzzle – on sustainable resources management – but without seeing the whole picture. It is not an easy task to address such a complex question in 15 minutes. Moreover the large amount of information provided by each speaker did not help the participants to gain a clear message to take home.