As a social enterprise, Pro Journo programs are either grant-supported and revenue-generating through commercial activities.* Over the last two years, we’ve built up a diverse network of brands, foundations and think tanks active in disseminating knowledge or working in emerging global economic and business trends.

Obsession newsrooms and training programs are supported by grants from foundations with journalistic, educational and/or knowledge building missions.

Our event and campaign newsrooms provide editorial services and sponsorship opportunities to conference organizers and companies interested reaching the same target audience.

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We syndicate our articles across a range of both online and print media in mainstream news outlets, thoughtleadership blogs, and student papers. Copyrights remain with our authors and editorial rights remain with Pro Journo (exceptions can be made). The full syndication list is available by request. If you are interested in sharing a single article or series of articles by projects, please contact us at[at]

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*Editorial independence and integrity are very important to us, and we make transparent any funding support (or absence of) on each project page. We also note any conflicts of interests among writers, sources, and project partners on the story level as well.