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Patrick Reevell
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Ieva Maniusyte
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Editor Network

Our editors lead our newsroom programs, and work with us on a project-basis. Spread over four continents, they are regular contributors to The New York Times, Associated Press, The New Yorker,, Rolling Stone, just to name a few, as well as several regional papers.

Adrian Meyer

Adrian Meyer is a Swiss freelance journalist based in Hamburg, Germany. He is contributing to German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, daily newspaper taz – die tageszeitung and Greenpeace Magazine. In 2012, he finished his MA in journalism at journalism school MAZ in Lucerne and at Hamburg Media School. For his BA, Adrian studied English literature and linguistics and Cultural Studies at University of Zurich and University of Manchester. Writing about topics ranging from yoga on ski to topless feminists Femen and climate change, Adrian is a music and pop-culture addict and interested in the future of (hyper-)local journalism.

Recent post by Adrian: Student Reporter covering World Resources Forum in Davos

Aishwarya Nair

Aishwarya has been a reporter and editor with Pro Journo in 2012 and 2013. Aishwarya Nair is a Masters of Environmental Studies student at the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on Energy Policy and Sustainability Management. Originially from India, she has a B.A in Economics and International Relations from the University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada, and her dissertation explored the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth. A keen environmentalist since her early days, Aishwarya worked at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Sustainability and the Environment during her studies as a research assistant to detect trends in changes in air quality in Delhi, India. Her interest in energy developed when, after graduation, she began working as an Editorial Contributor and Researcher with a research investment firm focussed on energy. At Penn, she is currently researching developing demand capacity and pricing models for private off-grid electricity projects in rural areas. Aishwarya helped found Penn Student Reporter, a similar organisation as Student Reporter at the University of Pennsylvania, to help develop environmental journalism amongst her peers. She is also an Editorial Director of wH2O: The Journal on Gender and Water. Aishwarya is also active with the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative and the Institute for Global Environmental Leadership at the Wharton School. If she’s not curling up with a good book, Aishwarya spends her time playing tennis, horseback riding, and hiking or finding someone with whom she can have a spirited exchange of opinions. She loves to travel and has lived in many countries. She speaks English, Hindi, French and Russian, and is currently learning German.

Recent post by Aishwarya: Finding Reality at the World Economic Forum

Andreas Slotte

Andreas has been a reporter and editor with Pro Journo in 2012 and 2013. Andreas is currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. When he is not busy pretending to study, he works as an Economics consultant for Copenhagen Economics. Originally hailing from the land of the Finns, he spent most of his formative years in Sweden. His interest in global affairs began while attending an international school and being exposed to the international community. Thereafter, he has sought to broaden his perspective whenever possible. Beginning his university career at the University of Manchester in England, Andreas completed his B.A. in Economics and International Relations at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. At UBC, he was an active community member: organising conferences, volunteering as a peer-supporter, and working as a residence assistant for new international students. Whilst initially focusing his studies on political science and international relations, he later realised that his views were more aligned with those espoused by economists, as he believes that most societal and environmental gains must be based on economic fundamentals. A concern for societal and economic development also arose when he was working on a renewable energies project for the Boston Consulting Group. He speaks fluent English, Swedish and Finnish, and has a working knowledge of German. In his spare time he explores the latest electronic music.

Recent post by Andreas: The Practical Politician from the Philippines

Athena Tacet

Freelance journalist, data-journalist, editor, videographer, and language enthusiast specializing in current foreign affairs, human rights, political, social, and economic issues. Data journalist at and regular bilingual (English & French) contributor at The Huffington Post (France, US, Canada) and Slate Magazine.

Bogar Alonso

Bogar is a dedicated writer, editor and journalist who calls New York home. His work has appeared routinely on Vice, Complex Media, A&E Networks, Turner Broadcasting, and beyond. Apart from non-fiction writing, he also pens film scripts and poetry which have garnered him international awards, a screening at the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, as well as a Jerome Foundation Grant. Issues concerning immigration, economic sustainability, and the intersection of arts, activism, and technology, are dear to his heart.

Recent post by Bogar: Fixing the Freelance Future: E-Work’s Brave New World Comes With Serious Drawbacks

Brendan Spiegel

Brendan Spiegel is a writer, editor and blogger whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired, New York magazine, The Village Voice and many other publications. He is the founding Editorial Director of Narratively, ( an online publication dedicated to in-depth storytelling about New York City.

Caroline D'Angelo

Caroline has been a reporter and editor with Student Reporter in 2011, 2012, and 2013. She works as the social media editor at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. She studied Policy, Business and Sustainability in the Master of Environmental Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated in May 2012.

Recent post by Caroline: Green Growth, Water and Gender: An Interview with Marcia Brewster

Joanna Itzek

Joanna is a correspondent with a focus on the Nordic Countries, reporting for the German media houses Dumont and Madsack. Previously, she worked as an editor for the national daily die tageszeitung (taz) in Berlin, with occasional reporting trips to the Middle East. Her writing and research have taken her around the world and brought her grants from the International Journalists’ Programmes (IJP) and DAAD. Joanna nurtures a deep interest in the absurdities of life – especially helpful if you are a print journalist in 2014 – and the digital evolution of storytelling. She joined Student Reporter as Editoral Lead in the campaign on the Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland.

Recent post by Joanna: Urbane Mobilität: Zwei Buzzwörter, eine Kampagne

Jonathan Kalan

Jonathan Kalan is an award-winning photographer, journalist and communications consultant specializing in innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship emerging markets. He has traveled to over 50 countries, lived and worked in South Asia and Africa, and collaborated with social enterprises, technology start ups and media companies. His recent clients include The New York Times, The Guardian (UK),The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, BBC Business, The Boston Globe, Global Post, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor and more. Jonathan is currently a columnist for BBC's Future section, Nairobi's Sandbox Co-Ambassador, a contributing writer for Wamda, and a Staff Writer for He has presented at conferences across the U.S. from Yale University to NTen, and taught a seminar on strategic visual communications for social entrepreneurship for Columbia University in Amman, Jordan.

Jori Lewis

I am an American journalist based in West Africa where I write about agriculture and the environment.

Leilani Leach

Leilani is an undergraduate at Washington State University, studying Digital Technology and Culture with an interest in media consumption by youth. She has reporting experience in politics, technology, research, cops & courts, city council (currently state legislation reporter). She also ran her college paper with a circulation of 11,000. Leilani is 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow, and her project will be on in-depth reporting on the use of drones for surveillance or journalistic purpose.

Recent post by Leilani: So You Want to Major in Drones?

Olga Khrustaleva

Olga is a Fulbright scholar from Russia and currently a Masters in Journalism student at University of Missouri concentrated on investigative & international reporting, documentary filmmaking. She comes with almost four years of reporting experience in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Columbia, MO. She's an editor and producer for Global Journalist, a student-­run project dedicated to international affairs and press freedom issues around the world. Olga is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and her project idea is “Ukraine-Russia-EU Gas Transit,” a look into the economic consequences of Ukrainian revolution by focusing on natural gas.

Recent post by Olga: Apply: Economic Aftermath of Ukraine Revolution (Reporter, US-based)

Patrick Reevell

Patrick Reevell is Pro Journo‘s managing editor and a multimedia journalist specializing in Russia and the former Soviet Union. He is a currently ABC News' Moscow bureau reporter. Alongside ABC, Patrick has worked for numerous international outlets, including The New York Times, Rolling Stone and the Associated Press, reporting from various countries, including most recently France and India. Patrick holds a masters in journalism and international affairs from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), where he focused on legal reform in the post-Soviet space.

Recent post by Patrick: After the Financial Crisis, Business Journalism Strives to Face a Brave New World

Sally McGrane

Sally McGrane is a freelance journalist based in Berlin, where she writes about business, technology, theater, architecture, culture, travel and politics for The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Wired, Dwell, and others. Recent stories include a visit with the elevator rescue teams of Moscow and a piece about a new, online citizens' initiative platform in Latvia.

Sandro La Marca

After earning economical knowledge in High-school and with exposure to Wintershall AG international trading company Sandro La Marca cofounded a creative agency in Central Switzerland (ping-pong) and Zurich which soon awoke his interest in mass media and media management, with Zurich being the media capital of Switzerland. Forward thinking projects at the crossroads of traditional and New Media specifically designed for Online mass media, Marketing and PR in New York, Zurich and Zug are part of his creative and strategic portfolio. After setting up a radio station in Zug, Switzerland while studying communication at the University of Zurich, Sandro La Marca went on to develop social media and communication strategies and campaigns for different companies combining his long-year experience in Marketing and knowledge of international and national media organizations and management.

Recent post by Sandro: Aus Zürich eine Schnecke gemacht mit GPS-Drawing

Searchmore Muridzo

Searchmore is a Masters student at University of Limpopo in South Africa, studying new media and its impact on society. His journalism interest and experience are on social issues and religious reporting, with experience in Zimbabwe (editor of a local Parish magazine in Gweru), and Botswana. He's also completed a 3-months skills program at the International Institute of Social Studies under Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is consultant for Associated Press Group. Searchmore is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and his project idea is on today’s youth perspective of South Africa, 20 years after the Apartheid in South Africa.

Recent post by Searchmore: How Sports Is Reducing Social Inequality in Rural South Africa

Sofia Lotto Persio

Sofia is a Masters student in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation at Aarhus University, Danish School of Media and Journalism with a focus on business reporting. She started own University newspaper, PAX, and ran it until 2013. She also currently works in corporate communications at Siemens. Sofia is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and her project idea is "Sustainability on the move: a look at developments in urban mobility around the world."

Recent post by Sofia: Recruitment 2.0: How AI Will Change How You Get Hired