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To maintain our journalistic integrity and independence, we follow standard industry practice when it comes to working with sources. For reference, the Reuters Handbook of Journalism “Standards and Values” states the following:

Reuters never submits stories, scripts or images to sources to vet before publication. This breaches our independence. We may, of our own volition, check back with a source to verify a quote or to satisfy ourselves about the reliability of factual information but we also need to ensure that in doing so we do not give sources an opportunity to retract or materially alter a quote or information to their advantage.

Journalistic Approaches


News updates

We bring timely updates to negotiation rounds, and provide wrap-ups to key debates and press briefings, tailored for a young audience. Read: The North – South Trench in Rio+20

Topic stories

Our reporter picks a panel or session to attend and lets the panel discussion drive the topic of the story. Then he or she follows up with panelists and audience participants to find and report a story. Read: The New Contender in the Game of Rankings.

Investigative stories

We push our writers to think of potential stories before the conference; oftentimes the idea evolves and matures over interviews with speakers, participants and relevant stakeholders. These pieces are generally longer and capture a broader, cross-thematic issue relevant to the conference and its participants. Read: Reforming the Business School, a Pure Product of American Culture.


Through in-depth interviews with your participants, we produce a more personal and narrative approach to the conference’s issues. Read: Marching Down The Road Unknown – Life Lessons From Jazz.

Critical opinion pieces

These though-provoking pieces consists of both analysis and opinion that may capture a mood of the conference and its current context, or a critical issue with a strong angle. Read: Does the World Water Forum Need More Conflict?

This page was last updated 20 November, 2013.