Vinzent Rest

Vinzent Rest

Vinzent recently graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) with a BSc in Socio-Economics. He has been a board member of the Austrian Federal School Students’ Union (BSV) and the Austrian National Students Union (ÖH), where he initiated a project called Forum Hochschule, a student-led think tank for higher education development. After high school, he has spent one year working in educational units of Holocaust memorials in Israel and Germany. During his undergraduate studies he focused mostly on public and social policy and wrote his thesis about income inequality in Israel. He is currently working at the Austrian parliament as assistant of the head of the parliamentary commission for cultural affairs.

Recent Posts

A Students’ (S)Take: on Education Today and Society Tomorrow

In a previous article, several university administrators argued that business students are overly rational and mainly money- and career-oriented. However, speaking to a variety of students on the Copenhagen Business School campus draws a different picture: the large number of business majors specialized in numerous sub-fields bears quite a variety in different reasoning. And few of them purely evolve around money and influence.

Career Idealists: Motivating Today’s Business Students

Despite a deteriorating reputation of managers due to the ongoing financial crisis, business administration and management studies still rank among the most popular academic programs around the globe. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, about 200,000 out of 2.4 million students in Germany were business majors in 2011. This means that almost one in every ten students in Germany was studying business at the time.