Tim Lehmann

Tim Lehmann

Tim is the President and founder of Pro Journo. He holds a PhD in Science & Tech Sociology and a BA/MA in Business Economics. Tim is a fellow of Sandbox Network and Impact Hub Zürich.

Recent Posts

Call for Applications: Impact Investing at TBLI CONFERENCE, Zurich–Switzerland

Join us as we report on the current state of impact investing in Switzerland’s financial heart, Zurich. You will independently investigate stories and capture industry leaders’ opinion on the relevance of this “emerging” investment category. ZURICH, Switzerland – Zurich, a small city, circling around a long history and increasingly disputed corporate finance and investor industry. Where else could someone better hunt for investment stories than in Zurich? Your job will be to mingle with leading investors and investment experts around the topic of “ESG” (environmental, social, and governance) or impact investing at the TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2013. As critical and investigative observers, you add context and content to this industry gathering (see full attendee list here).

We Recruit: Editor to Lead Switzerland Coverage (D/E)

Join our global network of editors to strengthen and sharpen our regional presence in Switzerland.

As we train students to report on global business and economics stories, trends and phenomena shaping our society today, we believe it is important to bring these stories down to local and regional contexts. Therefore, we seek for entrepreneurial journalists and content strategists to guide and manage our coverage of sustainability stories in Switzerland as Associate Editor.

Call for Applications: Co-Creating the University of the Future at oikos FutureLab, St. Gallen-Switzerland

Join us as we report on the transformation of higher education and student activism, taking place at oikos FutureLab in St. Gallen–Switzerland, 11-12 November, 2013. Project Highlights

Focus on the transformation of higher education and international student movements in business and economics education. Onsite program dates are 10-13 November with a team of three onsite reporters and offsite editorial support. Onsite costs (food, accommodation, conference fee) are covered.

Apply: Transforming Management Education – the Role of Humanities and Social Sciences, Copenhagen Business School, 4th-9th June 2013

It`s fashionable to refer to the state of business and the financial economy as being in crisis. The metaphor of crisis triggers the cues for emergent action. But few people (can and do) take action to slow down, reflect and initiate thoughts for iterative transformation. A partnership between the University of St Gallen Contextual Studies program, the Copenhagen Business School`s Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy, and the Haniel Foundation Germany took the lead and did so with management education. In 2011, the European consortium of management schools embarked for a European debate on what the Carnegie Foundation Study on Rethinking Management Education initiated in the US.

Making the News: Backstage Insights into the World Economic Forum’s Media Team

If the World Economic Forum is ever mentioned, the first thought you’d probably have is of a collection of global heavyweights “committed to improving the state of the world”. Of course, like with any other conference or organization, the extent of such slogans is a careful media construct while simultaneously subject to their scrutiny.

Editor, World Resources Forum 2013, Davos-Switzerland

Come become part of  a fast moving global organizational environment! Student Reporter seeks for two project managers to lead an international team of students covering the World Resources Forum 2013 (WRF 2013) held in Davos-Switzerland, 6-9th October 2013. We are looking for managers to lead in both managerial and editorial capacities – ideally, our teams comprise of one experienced project manager and one experienced editor (a call for those interested participating as a reporter can be found here). Listen to an interview with Student Reporter editor Caroline D´Angelo about her experience leading a team at the World Water Forum 2012, Marseille-France. Candidates are expected to have experience in the following areas:

Working with senior management personnel
Leading and coordinating international teams in both an online and physical setting
Proven track record writing for an online audience
Interest in resource economics and management, business and sustainability (more…)

Apply: Academic Reporting on Hybrid Ventures & Social Entrepreneurship Research

Have you ever dreamed about going to bed and waking up in the morning with an international group of the most dedicated researchers in the field of social entrepreneurship? If so, here is your opportunity: The oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy and Student Reporter seek for an experienced Masters-level student to report on this year’s Academy held 25-30 August, 2013 in Switzerland. The theme of the Academy is “Creating Hybrid Ventures: Legitimacy and Sustainability Challenges in Social Entrepreneurship”. You will follow a team of renowned international faculty and young PhD scholars the full length of the 5-day academy, and engage in, as a journalist, their agenda of research sessions, leisure time activities, and field visits. To get a grasp of the program, skim through those of previous Academies. You are an independent writer and an experienced interviewer and observer with a strong track record or proven interest in entrepreneurship research, organization studies, or sociology.

Alle Zur Rechenschaft Ziehen

We were invited by a local German-speaking newspaper to write an opinion piece, reflecting on our experience at the World Economic Forum. This is our contribution. Dieser Artikel wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Nikolaj Fischer verfasst. Das Weltwirtschaftsforum (WEF) sollte vergangene Woche erneut Spiegelbild weltpolitischen Ausmaßes sein. Prominent eingespielte Gäste wie Angela Merkel spiegeln die Machtverschiebungen auf dem politischen Parkett Europas wieder.