Sofia Lotto Persio

Sofia Lotto Persio

Sofia is a Masters student in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation at Aarhus University, Danish School of Media and Journalism with a focus on business reporting. She started own University newspaper, PAX, and ran it until 2013. She also currently works in corporate communications at Siemens. Sofia is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and her project idea is "Sustainability on the move: a look at developments in urban mobility around the world."

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Mobile Apps Disruption Reaches Mental Health Care

So much of the talks surrounding tech disruption deals with industry sectors and change in behavioral patterns—but can disruption change how we take care of our mental health? Health care disruption is a big issue on the Davos agenda this year. The technologies underpinning the fourth industrial revolution have countless implications for the automatisation and improvement of global health care practices. From robotic arms performing surgery to 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, the human body is becoming increasingly high-tech. Not as highlighted on the official Davos agenda is a less tangible issue—mental health.

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Apply: Female Presence in the Changing Media Industry (Reporter, Global)

WHEN MEDIA MEETS TECH: Can two male-dominated industries merge and still allow for a significant female presence? Female representation in US newsrooms has not improved since 1999, according to the third annual Status of Women in the US Media report in February 2014 despite a growing number of women graduating from J-schools. As the male-dominated media industry increasingly flirts with the digital world of the tech industry, this Student Reporter’s newsroom obsesses over the space available for women to have a presence, a voice, and a career in the changing media environment. Five university students who are passionate about writing and about issues of gender equality are invited to build a digital newsroom obsessing on the topic of women in the media industry over the next two months. The project:

The project will focus on three features of the media industry: trends and innovation; leadership and organizational structure; sociology and psychology.