Searchmore Muridzo

Searchmore Muridzo

Searchmore is a Masters student at University of Limpopo in South Africa, studying new media and its impact on society. His journalism interest and experience are on social issues and religious reporting, with experience in Zimbabwe (editor of a local Parish magazine in Gweru), and Botswana. He's also completed a 3-months skills program at the International Institute of Social Studies under Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is consultant for Associated Press Group. Searchmore is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and his project idea is on today’s youth perspective of South Africa, 20 years after the Apartheid in South Africa.

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How Sports Is Reducing Social Inequality in Rural South Africa

Apartheid South Africa was all about discrimination. White supremacy ran so deep that black inferiority was enforced by ensuring that the best and perhaps only sporting facilities were reserved for and provided to white citizens. We zoom in on what the situation with sporting facilities looks like in the new South Africa in rural areas, and what this means to rural youth in Limpopo.

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Free South Africa at 20: How has it fared? A youth perspective (South Africa-based, Reporter)

Join a team of five other reporters as we report on South Africa, 20 years after the abolishment of Apartheid. The story of the rural folk is seldom told and you will tell it from that angle focusing on the rural youth of Limpopo. Issues to be looked at will include: general election and voting in 2014, education, unemployment, crime and violence, women empowerment, health, basic service delivery and democracy. The project runs from mid-May to mid-July 2014, and stories will be published on our site and those of our partners. Additional content will be in the form of pictures, interviews, online news broadcasts and documentaries.  Social networking sites for the projects such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will be created and utilized.