Olga Khrustaleva

Olga Khrustaleva

Olga is a Fulbright scholar from Russia and currently a Masters in Journalism student at University of Missouri concentrated on investigative & international reporting, documentary filmmaking. She comes with almost four years of reporting experience in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Columbia, MO. She's an editor and producer for Global Journalist, a student-­run project dedicated to international affairs and press freedom issues around the world. Olga is a 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellow and her project idea is “Ukraine-Russia-EU Gas Transit,” a look into the economic consequences of Ukrainian revolution by focusing on natural gas.

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Call for Applications

Apply: Economic Aftermath of Ukraine Revolution (Reporter, US-based)

You will join a team of writers (both US and Ukraine based) to report on the economic consequences of the Ukraine revolution and how it is affecting import of Russian natural gas to Europe. Your job will be to choose a sub topic and write three in-depth articles on the issue, and travel to a topic-related event. The main questions addressed by the project are:

Export of Russian natural gas to Europe – how dependent EU is on Russian supplies. Possible alternatives replacing Russian gas including import from the US. What’s next for Ukraine – will it remain the key transit country?