Matthieu Bourlet

Eager to broaden his horizons, Matthieu likes facing the various reflections of our disco ball world he can reach through meeting people, travelling, innovation and arts. With a business administration background, he developed a particular interest in development economics and entrepreneurship.

Recent Posts

Weaving Africa’s World Wide Web

Big plans are in store to spread the Internet across all of Africa. However, despite the hype surrounding Silicon Savannah in Kenya, the digital economy on the continent is but a strand in the World Wide Web. What obstacles must be overcome so that a true Internet revolution takes hold there? Innocent Munzaneya’s version of the global e-commerce site eBay, called Cyamunara (which means “Auctions”), seems like a great idea on the surface. Munzaneya decided to create the platform, which is in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda’s most-spoken language), after seeing people visit the capital city of Kigali from far away just to attend auctions.

When Sustainability Syncs With Cost Savings

Resource efficiency in industrial processes is a key part of corporate social responsibility policies in developed countries. For almost 20 years, institutions have been promoting the same behavior in developing countries, arguing that investing in sustainable industrial processes is cost-effective, whatever the scale. How well does the Guatemala National Cleaner Production Centre’s work illustrate this point?