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The Humanities Ticket – A Hitchhiker’s Guide for Business Students

Business is the largest undergraduate major in the US, according to the book Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education from the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. The book also states that the business sector plays a central role in the well-being and prosperity of society. This is a call for the humanities, the discipline that can guide single minded conceptualizations of business graduates that there isn’t such thing as a single answer, argues Ulrike Landfester, Professor and Vice-President at University of St. Gallen.

Philosophy in the Boardroom

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – In the wake of the financial crisis, an era of severe turbulence, rapid changes and increasing complexity has emerged. A black cloud hangs over the past decade’s economic prosperity and global consumption habits, which fundamentally challenges the purpose of business. All too often the approach to business practices has been one-dimensional, lacking in richness and depth. This goes for both the cheerleaders and the critics of the current business practices. In these times, it is important to be able to view the world in different shades – one of possibilities, rather than constraints.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack: The Story of Refugees United

For Refugees United, 10 minutes is worth more than 10 dollars. It may sound like an odd approach for raising money, when it is a product that the majority of the donors will never have any use for. But to CEO Jens Briksten, it is a matter of having a product that appeals to something more than needs and desires. It is about having a product that appeals to one of the strongest human emotions: the fear of losing your family. The reason he would rather have ten minutes is therefore quite simple and pragmatic.