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Planting for Pollinators Goes Political

Everywhere, pesticides are wiping out bees and other pollinators. They are also losing their habitats and food sources because of development. The U.K. government is formulating a strategy, but critics are concerned that funding for proposed research might come from pesticide producers. As the debate goes on, one thing is clear: We all need to get planting.

European Commission Aims to Strengthen Standards on Organic Animal Feed

CAMBRIDGE, England — In March, the European Commission announced plans to reform its regulations on organic production and certification. For organic livestock farmers, this will include a provision to make animal feed 100 percent organic. The commission’s change will give farmers better access to organic certification and build consumer confidence, which has been shaken by loose regulations. For instance, in some cases it has been legal for farmers to farm both organic and conventional products on the same site, which means that organic consumers may be indirectly funding nonorganic products. This creates confusion in the organic marketplace, which can lead to mistrust and damage the integrity of the organic brand.

Get Out in the Dusty Streets to Find Your Inner Super Hero

By seeing firsthand the problems caused by lack of access to electricity in rural Africa, Sameer Hajee has found the drive and empathy to take action. This unlocking of passion through real-life experience is common among many social entrepreneurs, quickly becoming a model that is being embraced by university programs. His story has helped me find my inner drive – can he help you to find yours?

Workshop for the Humanities in Business Education – A Toolbox in the Making

Three days of humanities, business, problems, and possibilities. The “Workshop for Humanities and Social Sciences in Management Education: Writing – Researching – Teaching”, was the latest meeting of the minds of teachers, professors and students in the ongoing debate on how to integrate humanities and social sciences to business education.