T time: Rethinking Best Practice for Transgender Employees

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This article was published for The Economist Group. We have published an excerpt here.

WHEN Caitlyn Jenner emerged from Bruce in a blaze of publicity, it marked the mainstreaming of transgender people, not just in America but around the world.

After all, the Kardashian family, into which then-Bruce had married, is a mainstream multi-million dollar global celebrity brand.

While the media industry knows the importance of treating well its transgender employees (or one of them, at least), that is far from true of business in general. Indeed, of all members of the LGBT community, the Ts tend to face the most difficulty in being fully embraced by business, and for that matter, other parts of society. They can challenge common assumptions about gender in even more ways than being homosexual or bisexual. And even where they enjoy legal protection, social acceptance may not follow. It can be a giant step from legal equality to de facto social equality. Read more.

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