From Post to Report: Economy and The Environment

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Our obsession report provides a critical look at themes about environmental reporting and economics.

Read the summary report of our six-month long journalism program on Economics and the Environment. The report collects 21 articles and six podcasts as a showcase of our young reporters’ journalistic work, including a special coverage of the World Resources Forum 2015 in Davos, Switzerland. Our team of professional editors and seven aspiring young reporters were based in Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, U.K. and U.S.

Download the interactive report here (8 MB) or request a high-resolution print Version.

Table of contents:

  • Reporter insights: A behind-the-scenes look at reporter experiences of their most memorable stories.
  • Setting the scene: To start off we have asked environmental experts what they think is heterodox economics.
  • Talking About the Circular Economy: A key emerging theme of our reporting became the concept ‘Circular Economy.’
  • The Business of Waste: The business of waste assembles many of todays’ resource challenges of industrial economics.
  • The Evolution of an Environmental Conference – World Resources Forum: Our reporters’ coverage of the WRF’s history and a data analysis of WRF’s 2015 delegate footprint.
  • Interlude – Circular Economy at Home: The promise of legislation and theory around the circular economy is quite a challenge on the ground.
  • Environmental Audit Society: We are living in a complex world of fine-tuning the regulation of industries to make markets internalize environmental concerns.
  • Into the Media: Time for environmental journalists to draw on data scrapping and accessible demonstration of facts.
  • Special Feature – Podcasts With World Resources Forum Delegates: Our Young reporters attended an environmental resource conference in Switzerland to mingle with experts.
  • Special Feature – Mercator Foundation Switzerland Grantee Highlight: Get to know of some other funded work of this coverage’s sponsor.
  • Background – Reporters and Editors: Get to know the background of our Team of young reporters and professional editors.

This obsession coverage was grant-supported by Mercator Foundation Switzerland. Any potential conflicts of interest with the funder and their other grantees are made transparent on each article.

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