Student Reporter is now Pro Journo


In 2011, Tim founded Student Reporter, an advocacy blogging project, as part of his oikos PhD fellowship. At the same time, he tried to question and explore what The Economist could look like for young people.

He presented to oikos Foundation a 3-year vision to spin out from the Swiss-based sustainability student organization to be an independent media organization – one that positions young people’s views and concerns about business and economics in the global media landscape.

That’s why this past month, in September 2014, we formed an association in Switzerland called Pro Journo.

What’s different about Pro Journo from Student Reporter is that we are formally shifting our focus from only sustainability to other business and economics topics. What we learned from covering sustainability topics is that young people today are extremely passionate about economic and business aspects of today’s toughest societal challenges, whether it’s climate change or gender inequality. So, this past year, we’ve started covering other topics, phenomenon and trends in global and regional economies, calling them obsessions, as industry experts and other outlets do.

In addition, as you can guess by the new name, being a current student will no longer be a requirement to apply for our programs, although outreach and partnerships with universities remains to be critical in attracting new, aspiring journalists.

We also believe that the media landscape does not need another outlet in a race for clicks and page views. The incredible growth of social and user-generated content in the last decade has been driving a huge momentum worldwide for young people participating in civic democracy. Our opportunity and niche is to meet this growing demand by providing rigorous editorial support and a professional publishing and syndication to position stories for maximum impact. Therefore, is a collection of our stories published and the obsessions that we cover. Our number of stories syndicated will continue to grow.

If this is your first time visiting our site, we’ve written a lot about our story and progression. To take a trip down memory lane, here’s the 2013 review and 2012 review. You can also read more about why we do what we do, and get to know our community.

Thank you so much for your support so far!


Pro Journo Team (Founding members, Tim, Sunmin and Patrick)

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