WRF Coffee Talk (3) – Learning About Change with Marilyn Mehlmann

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In this WRF-series, Studentreporters are catching conference attendees during coffee break to ask them about what they do and who they are. This time: Marilyn Mehlmann from the NGO Global Action Plan.

Marilyn Mehlmann from Global Action Plan

Aranzazu Ballesteros

Marilyn Mehlmann from Global Action Plan

Wearing a green, loose shirt and a beautiful, traditional Swedish necklace, Marilyn Mehlmann is present at the second day of conferences in the World Resources Forum.  The Swedish 74-year-old activist is clear about delivering her message as she talks about the NGO Global Plan Action, along with delivering pamphlets about their project “Learning for Change”, and being one of the most active participants present on Twitter.

As she starts speaking, she is beaming. Full of passion, she explains how she got involved in anti nuclear movements back in the 80’s. “Nuclear power is a matter of opinion, but I consider it too dangerous for future generations.”

“I joined Global Action Plan in 1990. A lot of things have changed since then, several million people have gotten engaged, but it’s not the 30 million we had expected”, she says. As Marilyn Mehlmann goes on, she talks about the importance of patience: not as waiting for something to happen, but as being present. Knowing that change starts with your own behavior.

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