Student Newsroom for “Urban Mobility in Switzerland” Campaign (D/E)

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In partnership with Impact Hub Zürich and NZZ Campus, we seek for reporters, social media experts, filmmakers, and event managers to build a media campaign newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland”.

ZURICH, Switzerland – How does a well-resourced, democratic and environmentally conscious country like Switzerland address the “Future of Urban Mobility”? Its increasingly entrepreneurial culture and cutting-edge research institutions produce smart electric  solutions and research on green logistics and responsible mobility customer insights, to name a few.

In a 6-month-long campaign, our Campaign Newsroom will cover local stories like these, as well as analysis of European mobility trends in Switzerland and portraits of influential individuals and changemakers, create an engaged community with social media, and organize public events in this space. All over Switzerland, these Student Reporters will interview, record, survey, investigate and tell the stories that will turn into relevant context to inspire and illustrate to others to learn from Switzerland’s urban mobility solutions.

Some campaign highlights include opportunities to contribute to the NZZ Campus Magazine and Website, university magazines and international media outlets. In addition, opportunities to participate in industry events and organize our Campaign Events.

The Future of Urban Mobility Campaign is launched in partnership with Impact Hub Zürich and is supported by AXA Winterthur. Editorial choice of journalistic angles within the campaign topic is independent from partners and sponsors.

The campaign is run in both German and English.

Campaign Highlights
  • 6-month-long media campaign (January 2014 – June 2014) on the Future of Urban Mobility.
  • Become part of a team of 20 students constituting a first of its kind media campaign in Switzerland based on our proven experimental newsroom model.
  • Organize campaign events and participate in industry conferences involving industry and media experts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly our campaign audience.
  • In addition to our website, the campaign will also be featured on our media partner’s website and magazine (NZZ Campus), as well as university magazines.
  • The campaign is run in both German and English.
Newsroom Roles 

Apply for one of the following roles to staff our campaign newsroom.

  1. Reporter/Writer: 3+ articles to be written during campaign period; stories to be developed with our editors and media partner NZZ. Additionally, the reporter/writer role entails the option of conference reporting at the World Collaborative Mobility Congress in Berne (5 reporter slots).
  2. Filmmaker: Create visual voices for our campaign by working with professionals from guerrilla filmmakers to the NZZ Campus video team.
  3. Social Media Expert: Develop and implement social media strategies to push our journalistic work, campaign events and engage campaign audience.
  4. Event Manager: Plan, organize, and mobilize campaign audience for a) the campaign action day with NZZ Campus and; b) final online conference with our national and international partners at Impact Hub Zürich.
Your Benefits
  • Professional journalism training and editorial support throughout campaign;
  • Experience of being part of and shaping a highly engaged and innovative campaign newsroom team;
  • Highly visible journalistic work in international and Swiss media outlets;
  • Learn how decision makers and key stakeholders shape sector dynamics;
  • Travel budgets for project-related expenses (campaign events, local story hunting, conference coverage).
  • Based in Switzerland over majority of the course of the campaign period.
  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level, Masters or Doctoral level, professional degrees welcome).
  • Excellent written and verbal German (advanced level of English is a plus).


The project is supported by AXA Winterthur.



Featured image source: Flickr / Felix O under creative commons.

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