2012 in Review


Year 2012 was incredibly exciting for Student Reporter. We reported from around the world, from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the Kasbah of the Middle East. As we traveled to these locations, we critically reflected on our own carbon emissions, and met a participant who even traveled by train from Leeds, England to Beijing, China to save his own emissions! We interviewed each other, Nobel Prize winners, social entrepreneurs, environmental advocates, and professors, just to name a few.

To summarize this past year, the below infographic shows some key highlights.


The top five most read posts this year were:

The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes
At Rio+20, reporter Sunnie Toelle wrote about Severn Cullis-Suzuki, who, in 1992, addressed the UN at the first Rio Earth Summit with a speech that silenced an entire plenary session, giving her the nickname as “the girl who silenced the world for five minutes”. Watch the video of her famous speech then, and today, with the same argument that she had 20 years ago: “The strongest moral imperative that we have to act and change is our children.”

The Birth of the Chinese Social Entrepreneur
In preparation for the World Resources Forum in Beijing, reporter Nora Locskai interviewed Livia Macedo from MakeSense Shanghai on the emergence of social entrepreneurship in China, the world’s second biggest economy. Read about how MakeSense, a network of social entrepreneurs, navigate the unique opportunities and challenges in China and help innovate solutions to social and environmental problems.

Calculating Your Water Footprint: Raising Awareness Through Technology
With the amount of information that is available to consumers today, it is no wonder that, with just a few clicks, we can find out the water footprint of common household products. For instance, “you might be surprised to learn that the production of a pair of cotton jeans consumes 1,800 gallons of water.” From the World Water Forum, reporter Lindsay Shafer presented us an overview of online tools to raise awareness of this issue – and yes, there is an app (or three) for that.

Sustainability and Profit: From Trade-Off to Essence
Reporter Wladimir Nikoluk argues for the business case for sustainability in the face of changing economic paradigms. How does sustainability fit into core profit-making business practices today? Should we keep following Milton Friedman’s manifesto that the social responsibility of a firm is to maximize profit for its shareholders? Read why sustainability “is becoming the essence of profit-making itself and the only competitive advantage that provides a solid foundation for a long run sustainable development.”

David Zetland is Brash, Outspoken and Unapologetic… and He’s Usually Right.
David Zetland, a water economist and author, was one of the most interesting and controversial figures at the World Water Forum, and featured by reporter Michael McCullough. Read the colorful and insightful feature and listen to the podcast as Zetland as he enthusiastically and dynamically argues for water rights through individual decision-making and market mechanisms, making any third party governance “an insidious maneuver…holding society hostage by preventing a fair and equitable system for access to and acquisition of water.”

What do you think? If you are one of our readers, what was your favorite post ? If you are an alumni reporter, what were your favorite experiences from this year? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts!

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