A Standard to Verify and Certify Water Stewardship: Interview with Alexis Morgan

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A company or a water service provider may claim to be good stewards of water resources, but how can we know that they are doing what they claim? There is no international standard to verify those claims, although The Alliance for Water Stewardship is working on an international standard (the International Water Stewardship Standard),  as discussed in my earlier post.

Alexis Morgan, who leads the Alliance for Water Stewardship’s Water Roundtable on behalf of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has brought together various stakeholders in the formation of the standard.  He explains in this interview how businesses can no longer focus only on what happens in water use on a specific site.  Their view must extend beyond the site’s borders and include the watershed and whole supply chain.  He hopes that this standard will influence supply chains and investments, verify claims by companies and water service providers, and mitigate risks in both within and outside the borders of facilities.  Watch the full interview below.



Would you rather listen? The audio is available as well:

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