Apply for Rio+20: Be a Student Reporter @Rio+20, Brazil (12-23 June, 2012)

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Become a shaker of a new “Zeitgeist” for sustainable development, responsible management education, and corporate sustainability.

oikos invites business and economics students (Bachelor to PhD) from around the world to take part in the Student Reporter coaching programme and live blogging at the Rio+20 UN Summit in Rio-Brazil. The training and advocacy programme takes place between 12-23 of June, 2o12 in Rio where we will cover three key conferences and shake and be shaked by the rhythm and spirit of Rio and its global sustainability movement.

Due to official accreditation procedures for the summit, the 1st application deadline is 18th of February. The 2nd deadline will be 1 of March. However, we strongly give advantage to submissions to the 1st deadine (18 Feb).

The more precise you are in your answers the more likely we will get an impression of you, which will help us to understand your passion for being part of a globally selected advocacy team at this important moment in history. You can click around this site and our social media links to get a feel for what live conference blogging is like. The following short document introduces conference blogging and provides a good glance into the work we will do in Rio. >> See PDF on Scribd

The Student Reporter program includes a full fledged training programme including social media expert coaches, experienced programme alumni assistance, and an international project lead. Student Reporters are required to take part in pre-conference virtual team building and training sessions, arrive on the 12 June in Rio, and stay with the team until 23 June in Rio.

Student Reporters will receive free registration for the conferences, accomodation and food during the training programme, and a stipend of 200 CHF to help cover travel costs.

If you have any questions about the programme or the application procedure just leave a comment below the application form.

Application Form (Application is closed since 1 March) – you will not receive a confirmation email when submitting

44 thoughts on “Apply for Rio+20: Be a Student Reporter @Rio+20, Brazil (12-23 June, 2012)

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering whether the Writing Sample should be directed towards the three conferences? Or may it also address another event? Thanks for explaining.
    Best regards, Anna

  2. Hi Anna, good question. Posts do not necessarily have to address events per se, no matter if you write about the events to be covered or another event. The core of a succesfull online posts is your personal attachement to the topic wether this relates to ie. our themes or the events. Contextualization by drawing on one of your own experiences makes a post more appealing as well. Anyways, stick to the logic of online posts Caroline or Laura Ochoa our reporters in residence have funky and well written posts. The more you persuade with your text and suprise the better it is.

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering about the requirements in terms of limits of age to apply as a student?
    Also, does being enrolled into a part-time program count for the definition of student?
    I do not seem to find this information on the site.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply,
    Kind regards

    • Stephanie. thanks. actually we do not wanna discriminate age, and I encourage you to apply, however, we will form a team in an intensive work get together setting, and you should know yourself whether you would feel confortable working and living very closely with younger studens. We already students ranging from 19 to 28. Part time program is fine.

  4. Please I am out of school now and a volunteer with a photojournalist foundation. I have a background in photojournalism and Business Marketing. Please I want to know if I qualify to apply since I’ out of school?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Good afternoon, I am a senior bachelor student and I will get my diploma around the dates of conference, am I still able to apply as a student? Thank you.

  6. Hello,

    I have a bachelors degree in Law and I am currently enrolled in a International Relations Masters Programme at São Paulo, Brazil. Although I have knowledge on micro and macroeconomics, I don´’t have any diploma in this area.

    Am I still eligible for the position?

    Thank you

  7. Good morning from Banjaluka(BiH).
    I would like to ask You few question related to the application procces.
    I am very interested to take part in Conference in Rio,and i hope i am eliglible to take part in the Conference.
    You see i have finished Facolty of Economics/department of tourism,and later on i have finished Master course on Sustainable development in Italy(Trieste).I have several years of experience in the sectors of tourism and sustainable development.
    Thank You very much,
    Grettings from Bosnia


    • Hi Marko, that is an interesting corner from where you write. Yes, you are eligible to apply, anyways the more focus you have on business, management education and Sustainable development (see the thre conferenes and oikos agenda) the stronger your application will be as the process is unfortunately very competitive. Good luck

      • First of all i would like to thank You for prompt anwser.
        Anuway i would like to ask You beaside aplication form do i need to submit any certificates and references that could be useful in this case(if anwser is Yes,please send me a e-mail where i could send this).
        As i described earlier i am curently full time employed and i am not currently student of any institutions in BiH and abroad( i am curently in decision making proccess to continue PhD studies in Europe) and i hope this not interferes with aplication procces for upcoming conference?
        Kind regards

  8. Hello,

    As I am coming from Bosnia,also,I have to ask sort of same question as Marko did. I primary graduated psychology, and now I am enrolled on master course at Faculty of Economics/Adizes academy of managment and organisation. Also I am full time employed. Do I fulfill requirements?

    Best regards,

  9. Dear Tim,
    This is indeed wonderful to challenge and present alternative ways of solution to our collective issues. I am 31 years old and doing PhD in management science with a focus in my final dissertation on the role of State and civil society in youth development in Pakistan. Though, i am not eligible to apply for this wonderful chance to directly interact with youngsters aspiring for a common vision and that too with much different imagination, aspirations and insights, i am sending my best wishes from Pakistan. Looking forward for a wonderful interaction and a more intensive synthesis of the discourse with a focus on alternative and sustainable solution.

    (Also plz guide me towards becoming member of Oikos)


    Noor, Islamabad, Pakistan


  10. Dear All,

    I am the sudent of Mass Communication and Journalism from Nepal studing in grade 12.Can I apply for this or not?If not is there any other way to apply with finincial support as mention above???

    lookin for your kid support!!

    Arati Rana

    • Arati, you can apply if you provide a proof of your business and econmics knowledge and interest, see application format. We do not offer any financial support beyond what was announced. You have to find your own sponsors apart from what we provide as funding. However, you have to book flights immediately after we have invited you and submit confirmation of flights in order to lock in your reporter place.

  11. Tim Namaste,
    It’s my last year in bachelor of journalism and mass communication. I have completed my intermediate in commerce faculty (accountancy and economics). Am i eligible for the apply?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

    Best Regard

      • Dear Tim,
        I filled the application form above and I did not receive any confirmation. Could you tell that how can know that the submitting has been successful or not please?

          • Acually, in my page, in above there is no any submit butten!!!
            today is the last day. Could you tell me what to do asap please?
            I look forward to hearing from you.

  12. Hi Tim,

    Could you please give tentative dates as to when applicants will be notified about the decisions regarding their candidature?

    Best Regards,

  13. I’m a Neplese citizen.There is no embassy of Brazil in Nepal.I think,the visa processing may be difficult for me.As I’m a student of Forestry,we also have to study economics and knowledge of green economy and sustainable development are too much beneficial for forestry students.So,I want to attain the conference,if possible.Please suggest me,am I Eligible to apply ?

    • Dear Dhiroj, you are eligibl, but you have to be very convincing, as the process is unforunately quite competitive and you have 2 drawbacks (visa issues and study background), but we welcome strong applications.

  14. Dear Sir,
    Are you going to answer only the candidates who were approved, or to everyone that made the application. Thank you for your attention.

    • Hi Jakun, we do not accept applications in other languages than english within the formal application process. In the case you add links to your application we may browse it to gether a better impression. We select 10 students and 3 shortlisted in case we receive some cancellations.

  15. Hi, I was one of the 5 original founding editors of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, am a TedX participant at Rio, am a CEO non-profit member of the Global Compact, Chair of the NGO Committee on the UN and Sports, and serve as Senior Intl. Correspondent for South-South News. I would not only be available for a brief coaching session since I am at TedX (depends on schedules there) BUT I also have some significant Chinese scientists and philanthropists coming to Rio (science is on desertification — he could give 25 minute powerpoint for student journalists, if you would consider the suggestion). Am dong a launch at the UN this Thursday with Felix Dodds of his new book with these Chinese. Best regards, Richard Jordan

  16. hi richard, thanks for your suggestions.

    we currently have a call out for student reporters at the world resources forum in Beijing, deadline is approaching quikly, maybe you can share this with;

    TEDxRio: Some of the team will be there, too, lets meet there.

    Re PPT: we are currently figuring out our on the spot training days, but let me come back to you in some days

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