Apply: oikos Student Reporter and University of Pennsylvania @World Water Forum, 2012

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Welcome to the application form to the Student Reporter at the World Water Forum 2012! In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Master of Environmental Studies program (US), oikos invites 10 students from the University of Pennsylvania to take part in the Student Reporter coaching programme and live blogging at the World Water Forum 2012 in France-Marseille, 11-17 of March. The team is lead by Reporter-in-Residence and editor Caroline D’Angelo from the University of Pennsylvania and managing editor Tim Lehmann from oikos.

The application Deadline is 8th of February. You will be informed about your application after the 10th.

The more precise you are in your answers the more likely we will get an impression of you, which will help us to understand your passion for being a Student Reporter. We are really looking forward to get inspired by you and meet you in Marseille.  You can click around this site and our social media links to get a feel for what live conference blogging is like.

The Student Reporter program includes daily meetings, a dinner with the team and possibly a conference speaker, and a pre-WWF training session to be conducted in late February on Penn’s campus.  Student Reporters are required to be at all mandatory sessions which will be distributed on a schedule prior to the conference, and are required to produce content for the website and social media channels. Each reporter should be aiming to produce 6-10+ well-written blog posts, interviews, videos, or soundbytes. Reporters will also be working with the World Water Forum to cover one particular Theme of the conference.  One reporter will be at each session in that theme (so 1 reporter will have 1 session during the week) and will prepare a report that says what happened in the session.  These reports will then be given to the WWF.

Student Reporters will receive free registration for the conference, daily lunch provided for volunteers at the conference, one or more dinners, and a stipend to help cover travel and accommodation costs.

If you have any questions about the prgoram or the application procedure just leave a comment or email Caroline at cdangelo (at)

4 thoughts on “Apply: oikos Student Reporter and University of Pennsylvania @World Water Forum, 2012

  1. I’m quite excited about the prospect of interviewing experts and drafting blog posts for the educational benefit of others, and (fingers crossed!) I can’t wait to work as a team with our selected University of Pennsylvania delegates.

  2. Hi, I just checked this site after last month. Is it possible to apply by tomorrow? I am really interested in this event. Let me know please

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