Resources management: A new platform for counting the assets

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As promised, I am bringing some information from the dinner with Jacqueline M. McGlade to you:

Actually the last post did not cover at all the various and different research activities of her. Her newest project is just about to be released. It is going to be presented in mid December in Abu Dhabi and it is called Eye on Earth. What is the main goal? To make satellite information accessible to everyone and to connect it with loads of informations from various fields, starting from energy topics to resources and ecosystems.

What are the implications of this project? They are probably countless: NGOs will be able to fight illegal logging a lot more effectively by consulting the satellite images, access to information is helping in the fight against corruption, innovative people can develop ideas for achieving more sustainability by studying Eye on Earth data.

Eye on Earth

A short look at the test version reveals that it is working fast and reliably. Searching my hometown Maisprach reveals some interesting information. The water quality at my favourite swimming place in the near river Rhein is rated good by eye on earth. According to my own rating, the place has excellent water quality.

This is another important aspect of Eye on Earth: Users should actively participate and add information to the system.

I am very curious to hear the speech of Jacqueline McGlade and will keep you updated.

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    • As far as I know there is a clear answer to that: No. Google earth technology is a lot less advanced and more superficial than the eye on earth. E.g. satellite images on eye on earth are renewed in periods of some hours. On google earth I can still not find the house friends of mine have built about 6 years ago in Switzerland. Also on google earth the embedding of vast amounts of data is absent.

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