How to reconcile Sustainability and Urbanisation – with Mark Swilling

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“Should we limit the use of ressources?”
Mark Swilling will reflect on this during the first plenary session, basing his presentation on “Africa’s Development Challenges in a Resource Constrained World”. However, he also had declared “The key, it’s the innovation” during his collaboration on the United Nations Environment Program; as he trusts in mankind’s capacity to invent new sustainable technologies. He also pointed out the challenge of urbanisation which offers pooling services and scale economy. He emphasizes a paradox about urban zones : they use more resources but they also have a bigger potential for innovation.

Professor Mark Swilling
Currently, Mark Swilling is professor at the School of Public Leadership, University of Stellenbosch. You can check out a short bio on the WRF website.

His own description on his LinkedIn page helped me to understand his study and career, and I was really impressed by his growing interest for the environment management. He founded the Sustainability Institute after three years working for the transformation of the Spier Wine Estate, bringing his skills to develop this company specialized in wine and hotel booking. A company which claims “Spier shows sustainability can mean financial success”. I reckon that his career and study choices describe his wanting to impact the current world. A changemaker. From political issues in the early 1990’s in Africa, to sustainability in the late 1990’s, his amazing profile lies on his expertise in political sciences which led him to be at the cutting edge when sustainability became a political matter.

Development seems to be unavoidably linked with urbanisation. But the environment changed, as avoiding sustainability is not an alternative anymore. Mark Swilling will help us drawing a new way of thinking the urbanisation as a new key for a sustainable world. He will be a keynote speaker today at the WRF2011 – so watch out for our coverage!

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