It’s not about the Color – Defining Green Economy

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It’s not about defining what Green is. It’s about defining which road to take. Let’s call it the Green Economy Roadmap.

Two roads, one destination

In order to reach the destination – green economy-, the highway is divided in two tracks: Growth or Development. One track is the Economic Growth approach, which is very appealing as it leads the way towards an economic recovery in the short term while increasing the output through the efficient use of resources.

In other words, concentrate on quantitative measures such as number of businesses, jobs, per capita income, buildings, etc…

The second track, the Economic Development approach, reflects on a long-term vision. It focuses on implementing a deeper structural change that can “help foster innovation and improve productivity”, according to OECD’s work on Green Growth.

Development goals, range from improving business functions and knowledge, to city quality life, to worker human capital.

However, contrasting with the general consensus,  Nathalie Girouard (OECD Green Growth Strategy co-ordinator) points out that the two roads are not incompatible. By providing an actionable policy framework and if the new resources generated are reinvested in business, people or places, Growth can lead to Development.



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