Impotence. Can you feel it?

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Impotence. Have you ever felt it? I guess that many of us have at least once felt not having enough power, money, and many other means to shape the future. This feeling can make people give up, or wait until they think they have the means to do something, without noticing they might wait forever.

I am part of a group of passionate students from all over the world, gathered in Davos, Switzerland, to work together to show others how little power or money people need to start making a difference… especially if you use social media!


Student Reporters in Action


During the World Resources Forum (WRF) 2011, knowledgeable speakers will present topics related to the implications of global resource use from an economic, political and environmental perspective. However, we believe the answers can also lie outside of Davos, so we will be blogging live to bring the discussions beyond the participants, to you.

So start reading, get commenting, and make a difference!

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