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Why We Need Agile Servant Leaders

Do world leaders have the big picture and a good understanding of the world we live in? A Q&A with Gilbert Probst from the World Economic Forum on his new book, “Tackling Complexity.”

Be a Reporter at the World Economic Forum 2014, Davos-Switzerland

“Davos is the mother of all conferences,” a WEF Annual Meeting attendee once told us last year. Besides the official (and secret, private) program that has been under development for the entire year by a dedicated team at the Forum, what else makes Davos, well, Davos?

Increasing Population – the Elephant in the Forum

Population was on the mind of many attendees of the World Economic Forum’s 7th Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China this week, even if the word was rarely spoken. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Meeting the Innovation Imperative.” Implicit to the theme, however, was the fact that the imperative for innovation is driven in large part by a bloated global population that reached seven billion in 2011 and is on its way to nine billion by 2050.