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Apply: Student Reporter Editor Fellowship 2014

A 4-month fellowship program for journalism students to launch and manage their coverage project around a business or economics phenomena. Each fellow receives a stipend of $3,000(US) and project budget capped at $4,000 which can be used for recruiting writers, field reporting trips, events, and travel.

Community and Marketing Manager (contract/PT)

Student Reporter, a global media outlet and journalism incubator, is hiring for a part-time Community and Marketing Manager to: 1) help us manage our international community of writers, 2) grow our outlet’s readership through social media marketing and 3) assist in market research to ready the next stage in our venture as a global media company start-up. Requirements

Bachelors or above in Marketing, Business, Journalism, or similar degree. Background and literacy in digital media, journalism, and/or business news. Experience (internship/PT ok) and demonstrable skills in social media and community management. Knowledge of audience engagement tactics and metrics of news media outlets.

Apply: Editor, Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs

For a topic coverage project on ‘Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs’ in which we will investigate the economics and politics of global food production and consumption with an emphasis on organic farming, we are looking for a team of two editors to lead in editorial capacities and bring with them sector insights and a reporting background in international (economic) affairs.

Project Manager, Urban Mobility Switzerland (D/E)

We seek for a project manager to lead a six-month student newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland”. ZURICH, Switzerland – Student Reporter provides an innovative media format to mobilize newsrooms that produce journalistic content, which aims to promote informed debates on phenomena from a business and economics angle. For the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” newsroom, we are looking for a project manager to work side-by-side with an editor and form the leadership team. Together with the editor, you will oversee the journalistic articles and multimedia products produced by the students. The content will be delivered through our digital platform and social media channels, as well as digital and print channels of our media partner, NZZ Campus.

We Recruit: Copy Editor (Freelance)

This position is now closed. We are hiring for a copy editor on a freelance basis to support the publisher by taking over proofreading in grammar and style. Qualifications:

Excellent command of the English language (American preferable, British ok). Excellent knowledge and experience in AP Style. 3+ yrs of professional experience in journalism or copy editing of journalistic writing (news, profiles, opinion).

We Recruit: Editor to Lead Switzerland Coverage (D/E)

Join our global network of editors to strengthen and sharpen our regional presence in Switzerland.

As we train students to report on global business and economics stories, trends and phenomena shaping our society today, we believe it is important to bring these stories down to local and regional contexts. Therefore, we seek for entrepreneurial journalists and content strategists to guide and manage our coverage of sustainability stories in Switzerland as Associate Editor.

Editor, World Resources Forum 2013, Davos-Switzerland

Come become part of  a fast moving global organizational environment! Student Reporter seeks for two project managers to lead an international team of students covering the World Resources Forum 2013 (WRF 2013) held in Davos-Switzerland, 6-9th October 2013. We are looking for managers to lead in both managerial and editorial capacities – ideally, our teams comprise of one experienced project manager and one experienced editor (a call for those interested participating as a reporter can be found here). Listen to an interview with Student Reporter editor Caroline D´Angelo about her experience leading a team at the World Water Forum 2012, Marseille-France. Candidates are expected to have experience in the following areas:

Working with senior management personnel
Leading and coordinating international teams in both an online and physical setting
Proven track record writing for an online audience
Interest in resource economics and management, business and sustainability (more…)