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(Im)mobility on Campus

Ideal ist anders – Wie mobil sind Studierende mit einer Behinderung an Schweizer Hochschulen tatsächlich?

“Die an Bodenschätzen arme Schweiz kann es sich nicht leisten, talentierten Menschen den Hochschulzugang zu verunmöglichen, nur weil sie von einer Behinderung oder chronischen Krankheit betroffen sind,” sagt Eva Aeschimann, Sprecherin der Behinderten-Selbsthilfegruppe Schweiz (AGILE). Rund 22’000 Studierende in der Schweiz haben eine Behinderung. Seit zehn Jahren ist die Gleichstellung von Menschen mit Behinderung in der Schweiz Bundesgesetz. Auch Hochschulen sind verpflichtet, Studierenden mit Behinderung grösstmögliche Mobilität zu bieten. Doch wie mobil sind Studierende mit einer Behinderung an Schweizer Hochschulen tatsächlich?

Project Manager, Urban Mobility Switzerland (D/E)

We seek for a project manager to lead a six-month student newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland”. ZURICH, Switzerland – Student Reporter provides an innovative media format to mobilize newsrooms that produce journalistic content, which aims to promote informed debates on phenomena from a business and economics angle. For the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” newsroom, we are looking for a project manager to work side-by-side with an editor and form the leadership team. Together with the editor, you will oversee the journalistic articles and multimedia products produced by the students. The content will be delivered through our digital platform and social media channels, as well as digital and print channels of our media partner, NZZ Campus.

Call for Applications: Impact Investing at TBLI CONFERENCE, Zurich–Switzerland

Join us as we report on the current state of impact investing in Switzerland’s financial heart, Zurich. You will independently investigate stories and capture industry leaders’ opinion on the relevance of this “emerging” investment category. ZURICH, Switzerland – Zurich, a small city, circling around a long history and increasingly disputed corporate finance and investor industry. Where else could someone better hunt for investment stories than in Zurich? Your job will be to mingle with leading investors and investment experts around the topic of “ESG” (environmental, social, and governance) or impact investing at the TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2013. As critical and investigative observers, you add context and content to this industry gathering (see full attendee list here).

How the Heart of the Financial World Might Discover It Needs Heart

Sunnie Toelle provides her opinion on the recent state of the financial industry in Switzerland. ZURICH, Switzerland – Peter Munk is a poor young man desperately wishing to be wealthy. Tempted by the evil ghost of the woods, he trades his warm heart for riches and a heart of stone. Even though Wilhelm Hauff penned this Black Forest parable about the neglect of ethical values in favor of uninhibited materialism in 1827, it appears today timelier than ever. In the past years, headlines of calculated, cold-hearted financial decision-makers have flooded the news.

We Recruit: Editor to Lead Switzerland Coverage (D/E)

Join our global network of editors to strengthen and sharpen our regional presence in Switzerland.

As we train students to report on global business and economics stories, trends and phenomena shaping our society today, we believe it is important to bring these stories down to local and regional contexts. Therefore, we seek for entrepreneurial journalists and content strategists to guide and manage our coverage of sustainability stories in Switzerland as Associate Editor.

Switzerland’s First Zero-Carbon Technology Park

FRIBOURG, Switzerland – Square glass buildings are silhouetted against a green city park and glistening blue pond. They are towered over by a building whose sides are equipped with prominent solar cells. An old redbrick chimney stands in the middle of modern architecture. This is what Switzerland’s first completely zero-carbon technology park could look like in a few years. The park is located in Fribourg, halfway between Zurich and Geneva.