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Studierende können in Sachen Mobilität mehr als nur Konsumenten sein

Studierende gehören zu den fleissigeren Benutzern öffentlicher Busse und Bahnen und sind gerne bereit, neue Mobilitätsangebote auszuprobieren. Aber sie scheinen relativ wenig Einfluss auf die Gestaltung dieser Angebote zu haben. Möglichkeiten, sich in die Diskussionen zur Zukunft der Mobilität einzubringen, bestehen jedoch durchaus. Wie kaum eine Generation zuvor geniessen heutige Studierende die Vorzüge von Mobilität, was ihnen bereits das Label „Generation Easyjet“ eingebracht hat. Doch nicht nur in den Ferien, auch im Alltag sind Studierende mit Fragen der Mobilität konfrontiert: Gehe ich mit dem Bus oder Tram zur Universität oder doch lieber mit dem Velo?

Equity Financing to Send Students to Business School, Then Social Sector

Human capital contracts are a new and innovative method to finance university and post-graduate education. These equity-like arrangements could provide a solution to education accessibility issues for students in developing countries. In 2008, four professors from the Harvard Business School published a book entitled Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector. They suggest that a business-like approach in the social sector would help to maximize its impact and value.

Get Out in the Dusty Streets to Find Your Inner Super Hero

By seeing firsthand the problems caused by lack of access to electricity in rural Africa, Sameer Hajee has found the drive and empathy to take action. This unlocking of passion through real-life experience is common among many social entrepreneurs, quickly becoming a model that is being embraced by university programs. His story has helped me find my inner drive – can he help you to find yours?

A Students’ (S)Take: on Education Today and Society Tomorrow

In a previous article, several university administrators argued that business students are overly rational and mainly money- and career-oriented. However, speaking to a variety of students on the Copenhagen Business School campus draws a different picture: the large number of business majors specialized in numerous sub-fields bears quite a variety in different reasoning. And few of them purely evolve around money and influence.

Career Idealists: Motivating Today’s Business Students

Despite a deteriorating reputation of managers due to the ongoing financial crisis, business administration and management studies still rank among the most popular academic programs around the globe. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, about 200,000 out of 2.4 million students in Germany were business majors in 2011. This means that almost one in every ten students in Germany was studying business at the time.