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How Sports Is Reducing Social Inequality in Rural South Africa

Apartheid South Africa was all about discrimination. White supremacy ran so deep that black inferiority was enforced by ensuring that the best and perhaps only sporting facilities were reserved for and provided to white citizens. We zoom in on what the situation with sporting facilities looks like in the new South Africa in rural areas, and what this means to rural youth in Limpopo.

Trendsport Parkourlaufen: Stadteroberung im Sturzflug

Vom Trottoir springt ein junger Mann auf eine Mauer, von der Mauer an einen Baum, stösst sich ab, springt wieder zurück. Dies passiert so schnell, dass es einem nur schon vom zuschauen schwindlig wird. Was aussieht aus wie eine Verfolgungsjagd bei James Bond, ist eine neuer Trendsport, der die Schweiz erobert: Parkour. Entstanden ist eine Reportage über eine etwas andere (Sport-) Art der Stadteroberung im Sturzflug, hier auf NZZ Campus.

Street Football Shapes FIFA Giant: Football Industry’s Perspective on Social Development

BERLIN, Germany – For someone who still believes he has trouble articulating his ideas and vision for the future, Juergen Griesbeck, CEO and founder of streetfootballworld has gained enormous clout in the football industry for effectively illuminating the tremendous potential football has in social development. In 2002 Griesbeck created streetfootballworld, an organization that employs a network model to connect organizations all over the world that use football as a tool to tackle social issues such as homelessness, HIV/AIDS and landmine awareness. Ten years later, streetfootballworld has become synonymous with the idea of sports as an agent for change. The non-profit organization has grown to include close to 100 separate organizations in over 60 different countries and has even formed a partnership with football’s global governing body – FIFA. Yet even with the progress that has been made, Griesbeck admits that work still needs to be done to embed the idea of football as a tool for social development in the heart of powerful governing organizations, clubs and players that shape the football industry.