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Homeless Tours in Prague Could Go Europe-wide

“Down there you’ll see the State Opera, to your right you’ll see the Wenceslas Square. And over there, a prostitute was beaten to death for refusing to give the client what he wanted…”

Incongruous, but incongruity is what you get with Pragulic, a Prague-based social enterprise, which is taking on the city’s homeless as tour guides. Karim, a former male prostitute and Peter, an ex-police officer, are leading a group of around 20 tourists (mainly Czech, with a small contingent of Germans) through the underside of the Czech capital. Pragulic is only one of a handful of homeless tour organisers around the world.

Scaling up the Huffington Post – Lessons to Ease the Millennials’ Growing Pains

Since its inception in 2005, the Huffington Post has grown to be the most visited news site in the U.S. Their story of rapid growth proves to be a classic success story in entrepreneurship and business development. In an era when anyone can call themselves a reporter, the Huffington Post has managed to develop a distinctive voice. Powered by social media and the ever-increasing number of blogs (over 180 million at the end of 2011), they successfully established themselves as the de facto “Internet newspaper.” (more…)

The social entrepreneur – a sustainable business model?

Making a better world. All citizens should contribute to improve the welfare of society. This is no longer an idealist point of view anymore but a new perspective that many people support, as Muhammad Yunus remind us. This new thought current denotes a strong critic vis-à-vis the individualization tendency in our society. Happiness is not always correlated with individual amount of money accumulated but more with impact of individuals on their environment, according to the Nobel Peace Price winner.