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How Roskilde Festival Turned Into A Laboratory For Sustainability

After a weeklong whiff of concerts, parties and events at the beginning of July, the Roskilde Festival site was covered with piles of food leftovers, partially disassembled tents, empty beer cans and other waste. The festival, located some 30 kilometers west of Copenhagen in Denmark “is a micro-cosmos which displays elements of the sustainability challenges faced on a global level,” says Esben Pedersen, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility department of the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). “If it has the problems, it should also be able to present the solutions.”

10+10+10+10 = Rio+20 – a Short History

UN Photo

“The future we want” is the claim of the 2012 UN conference for sustainability! While all eyes keep looking forward let us risk a look back into the history of this event to get a wider understanding of what Rio+20 means. Quite obvious that the “+20” stands for twenty years after the groundbreaking UN conference in 1992. But the story goes further back in history. Publicity beats math? – the first UN world summit on sustainability

If we follow the history and the mathematical rule, the upcoming Rio+20 event in June should actually be labeled as Stockholm+40 since the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (UNCHE) in Stockholm 1972 is considered to be the first UN conference on today’s understanding of sustainability.

Apply for Rio+20: Be a Student Reporter @Rio+20, Brazil (12-23 June, 2012)

Become a shaker of a new “Zeitgeist” for sustainable development, responsible management education, and corporate sustainability. oikos invites business and economics students (Bachelor to PhD) from around the world to take part in the Student Reporter coaching programme and live blogging at the Rio+20 UN Summit in Rio-Brazil. The training and advocacy programme takes place between 12-23 of June, 2o12 in Rio where we will cover three key conferences and shake and be shaked by the rhythm and spirit of Rio and its global sustainability movement. The Global Forum for Responsible Management Education (14-15 June, Rio);
The Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum (15.-18. June, Rio);
The official Rio+20 Anniversary Summit – UN Conference on Sustainable Development (20-22 June, Rio).