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“When Elephants Fight, It’s the Grass That Suffers”: Refugee Simulation Tries to Speak to Davos Attendees

“The bodies of our friends have been hung up outside. The football field is drenched in red color, the blood of our friends. They will come, they will come!” the man repeats again and again, his voice shaking with fear, his hands gesturing insistently. And then they come. With loud voices and guns in their hands, they run into the small room.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack: The Story of Refugees United

For Refugees United, 10 minutes is worth more than 10 dollars. It may sound like an odd approach for raising money, when it is a product that the majority of the donors will never have any use for. But to CEO Jens Briksten, it is a matter of having a product that appeals to something more than needs and desires. It is about having a product that appeals to one of the strongest human emotions: the fear of losing your family. The reason he would rather have ten minutes is therefore quite simple and pragmatic.