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Alumni Reporter? We Offer 4 Reporter Spots @the oikos PhD Academies in Entrepreneurship, Organization Theory, Economics, and Inclusive Development

We offer four reporter spots for our alumni reporters at the oikos Young Scholars Academies (application deadline 25 May, 2012 for Academies in Switzerland and 30 April, 2012 for the Development Academy in Kenya). In August 2012, oikos will conduct four young scholars academies, three in Switzerland and one in Kenya:

The oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy 2012 (26-31 August, 2012), focusing on Collaborative Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The oikos Young Scholars Organizations Academy 2012, focusing on Social Innovation and Organizational Impact (26-31 August, 2012). The oikos Young Scholars Economics Academy 2012 (19-24 August, 2012), focusing on the Dynamics of Migration. The oikos UNDP Young Scholars Development Academy 2012  (12-17 August, 2012), focusing on Markets and Culture for Inclusive Development.