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Apply to be an editorial intern for the Pro Journo team during the World Economic Forum

This opportunity is only for students of Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos. Spend a week immersed in journalism by getting an insider’s view of how a global media organisation works at the World Economic Forum. For the WEF Annual Meeting 2017, Pro Journo is bringing an on-site reporting team of four reporters from around the world, led by two editors with experiences from the New York Times, Associated Press, The Economist Group, and more. In partnership with Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos, we’re seeking an editorial intern to assist in our reporting and research work. In return, the intern will be mentored by our editors to gain professional writing and publishing experience–communications skills crucial in any career.

Women at War #2

The Local Women Who Hold Up the Sky in Syria

In between the headlines on deaths and the fighting between Assad and the rebels, readers forget about the lives of those caught in the Syrian conflict, women’s lives in particular. The Syrian Female Journalist Network aims to bring stories to media attention by training male and female journalists in the region.

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The Discreet Power of Blogging Is Allowing Women to Express Their Expertise

No longer simple online diaries, blogs offer a platform for women to find their voices as experts and opinion-makers. LONDON, U.K—The media environment is mostly male-dominated. News is written by men and about men, and female journalists, experts and sources remain underrepresented. Data show how media organizations—in the U.K. and the Western world generally—perpetrate a systematic marginalization of women, and an increasing number of them have turned to the digital sphere to claim a public space through personal channels, social media and blogs. Blogging has often been praised for validating female voices, allowing them unprecedented freedom to publish original and unfiltered content, regardless of mainstream agendas and focuses.

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Apply: Female Presence in the Changing Media Industry (Reporter, Global)

WHEN MEDIA MEETS TECH: Can two male-dominated industries merge and still allow for a significant female presence? Female representation in US newsrooms has not improved since 1999, according to the third annual Status of Women in the US Media report in February 2014 despite a growing number of women graduating from J-schools. As the male-dominated media industry increasingly flirts with the digital world of the tech industry, this Student Reporter’s newsroom obsesses over the space available for women to have a presence, a voice, and a career in the changing media environment. Five university students who are passionate about writing and about issues of gender equality are invited to build a digital newsroom obsessing on the topic of women in the media industry over the next two months. The project:

The project will focus on three features of the media industry: trends and innovation; leadership and organizational structure; sociology and psychology.