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Fixing the Freelance Future: E-Work’s Brave New World Comes With Serious Drawbacks

Science writer Julian Taub has been freelancing about inventory asset for close to three years now. He has written for prominent publications, believes he has a strong network and understands what it takes to land work. Yet writing for the Web on a contingent basis hasn’t been easy. As Taub points out, he “would be afraid to do it as [his] sole source of income. Just because it’s very precarious: You don’t know what’s going to come up, there’s not many guarantees, and it’s really tough to be one step ahead” on a beat.

Weaving Africa’s World Wide Web

Big plans are in store to spread the Internet across all of Africa. However, despite the hype surrounding Silicon Savannah in Kenya, the digital economy on the continent is but a strand in the World Wide Web. What obstacles must be overcome so that a true Internet revolution takes hold there? Innocent Munzaneya’s version of the global e-commerce site eBay, called Cyamunara (which means “Auctions”), seems like a great idea on the surface. Munzaneya decided to create the platform, which is in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda’s most-spoken language), after seeing people visit the capital city of Kigali from far away just to attend auctions.