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How Social Investments Help You Enjoy Your Potato Chips

Social projects that once depended on aid from donor agencies are shifting to what are known as “sustainable businesses.” But to stay sustainable, they need funding. Fortunately, as social issues arise, investors have changed how they invest capital. Instead of the biggest profit revenue, they are looking for the biggest impact—not to mention the healthiest snacks. ISTANBUL, Turkey — Somewhere in the middle of the lush, green mountainous region of Ecuador, groups of farmers are harvesting tons of potatoes, beetroots, parsnips and plantains. But instead of selling them as raw crops, they convert them into certified healthy snacks.

When Disagreement Is a Good Thing: Coming to Terms With Impact Investing

Ask someone at TBLI 2013 for a definition of impact investing and you’re unlikely to get the same answer. Berry Kennedy listens to another part of the long conversation defining the impact investment field. There must be “clarity between philanthropy, CSR and investing efforts. They are not all impact investments,” stressed Ximena Escobar de Nogales, head of social performance management at Bamboo Finance, an inclusive-finance private equity firm. It was a bold opinion in a presentation to a room full philanthropists and corporate representatives who consider their work to be exactly that: impact investing.

ESG Leaders Awards at TBLI 2013 Chooses Balance Over Competition

Diversity ruled for the ESG Leaders Europe Awards at the Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) Conference in Zurich. With four categories the award looks to highlight successes across the impact field, commending investors as well as the projects which tend to be the focus of awards. In the end, it seems everyone could have been a winner – and that was the point. Rather than using concrete investment metrics to choose a winner, organizers chose to celebrate a wide range of activities across the field.