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Pakistan Water Partnership: IWRM in Action

Pakistan Water Partnership is a corporate body registered with a large number of key stakeholders from government organizations, public and private sector, NGOs, women and youth groups, and civil society who impact water or are being impacted by water and its uses in the country as its members/partners. This interview includes a discussion of the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 ratified by India and Pakistan. The Treaty allowed Pakistan unrestricted use of the western rivers and India exclusive use of the eastern rivers. Two leaders from Pakistan Water Partnership are playing an active role in ameliorating Pakistan’s water issues by creating awareness related to water. They are also sensitizing various stakeholders on key issues of water development and management in the world and in Pakistan.

YES we can! – What can we learn from youth?

Yes we can! Obama was not the first to use this empowering sentence. Roger Baud founder of ACTIS, a spin off of ETHZ, already used it in 2000 to promote the first Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) course. Bring 35 young people from all around the world together for 17 days. Hold interactive classes on sustainability from 8 am to 8 pm.

“I don’t care what you think, if I don’t think that you care”

Finally. Someone dared to question the approach of the World Resources Forum, and it was one of the speakers. Marilyn Mehlmann, General Secretary of Global Action Plan International (GAP), said some assertive words that many of us wanted to hear, especially the young ones (coincidence?). I found her speech sincere, which probably made it unpleasant for many of the people present. If you didn’t attend the conference, you might be asking yourself why ‘unpleasant’?