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From Classroom to Newsroom: Guide to the Pro Journo Pitch

NEW YORK & ZURICH – We published here general tips in pitching to editors. Here at Pro Journo, pitching is the most critical step for both first-time and seasoned reporters to ensure that we keep writing stories that are newsworthy and relevant. And for many of our applications, we ask you to practice this because this is oftentimes the toughest hurdle that young writers face in transitioning from writing analytical papers for an academic audience to writing impactful stories for a general audience through journalism. Journalism vs Academic Writing
What makes a piece of writing journalism instead of academic writing? Here are our five principles:

Know your audience.

How to Pitch Your Story to an Editor

So you’ve been researching on a topic for your Masters thesis for while and have developed an interesting angle. Or, maybe you’re attending a conference and would like a unique way to connect with thoughtleaders or key figures in your field by hunting down interesting stories. Either way, pitching and publishing as a contributor in a newspaper or magazine is a great way to publicize and establish a voice and expertise in your respective field.

Here are some tips from those in the field for aspiring freelance writers – also known as, disciplined, hustling idea generators.