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Should we limit the use of resources?

Here’s the conundrum: so far, more resource use means higher GDP, but we are running out of global resources.  Here at WRF2011, it is widely agreed that we need to cut consumption of resources, but  can we tell people to limit resource use if that means they take a corresponding hit economically? In a nutshell, should we limit the use of resources? Plenary Session 1 asked this question. The panel had views from both sides of the coin:  large resource consumers (the EU) and large resource exporters (Africa, Sri Lanka).

Environmental Monitoring with Jaqueline M. McGlade

Imagine someone telling you: “We are living a completely sustainable life. Exploitation of our resources for example fishery is not dangerous and there will be enough left for our children and grandchildren.” Of course you’d reply: “No, we aren’t living a sustainable life. We can’t go on like this forever.” But how could you conquer your opponent by using facts?