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When Disagreement Is a Good Thing: Coming to Terms With Impact Investing

Ask someone at TBLI 2013 for a definition of impact investing and you’re unlikely to get the same answer. Berry Kennedy listens to another part of the long conversation defining the impact investment field. There must be “clarity between philanthropy, CSR and investing efforts. They are not all impact investments,” stressed Ximena Escobar de Nogales, head of social performance management at Bamboo Finance, an inclusive-finance private equity firm. It was a bold opinion in a presentation to a room full philanthropists and corporate representatives who consider their work to be exactly that: impact investing.

Impact Istanbul (2): Workshop Culture

Mini-Series: Impact Istanbul features conference highlights, round-ups, interviews, Q&A’s, and speaker profiles. It is part of our International Business Forum 2013 live coverage. This time, Apolline Nassour asks: What is typical workshop on inclusive business at IBF2013 like? Definitely inclusive, but also quite fun, as learnt first hand. What makes a productive, engaging workshop at conference like the 2013 International Business Forum (IBF)?

Finding Reality at the World Economic Forum

The sense of importance in the tiny village of Davos is hard to miss. If it isn’t a throng of bodyguards escorting Henry Kissinger back to his hotel, it’s the gymnastics that must be performed to get past barriers and the Swiss police to gain access to the Congress Centre where the main action of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting is taking place. The message is clear and it is loud – if you’re not one of the chosen, you are not welcome. The Open Forum at the WEF is thus a refreshing change of pace.

From Leeds to Beijing by Train!

Flying. It’s convenient and quick but let’s face it – it’s a big environmental headache. And worldwide ecological conferences aren’t helping in that matter. As argued by my editor, Claudio Ruch, in the above linked article, we have to sometimes look beyond the carbon footprint to see what value we’re getting. After all, if there hadn’t been a global conference, I would still be sitting in Switzerland and Samuel Pickard in the United Kingdom, we would have never met and there would have been no extraordinary story to report.

World Resources Forum 2012: Just Keep Smiling

I cannot stress the grandeur of the China National Convention Centre. It sweeps  you off your feet and mops the gleaming floor with your flabbergasted face. I’ve been to smaller airport terminals and I have visited a sheikh’s palace that would fit five times over. Should the might of the late great leader ever be lost among Beijing’s smog and active lifestyle, the buildings will most definitely remind you of what you so gravely forgot. Walking past a gargantuan hallway, stumbling in and out of doors you do eventually end up in what happens to be the World Resources Forum 2012.