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iHub: Experiencing the Energy at Nairobi’s Innovative ICT Facility

20 doctoral researchers from around the world and faculty from renowned business schools  paid a visit to iHub, the innovative ICT hot spot located outside the city center of Nairobi, to discuss Kenya’s booming ICT sector. The visit was part of the oikos UNDP Young Scholars Academy in Nairobi. Opened in March 2010, iHub was a response to the post-election turmoil that rocked the country. Techies were using less than adequate Internet connections at cafes, on their phones, and wherever else they could connect. A need for space to share, network, and incubate was widely recognized, and iHub, a facility for the tech community that focuses on young entrepreneurs, Web and mobile phone programmers, designers, and researchers, was born. iHub currently connects to more than 8,500 members through a weekly newsletter and events that include Start-up Pitch Night, Fireside Chats, and Hack-a-Thons. A tiered membership scheme gives select members daily access to the facility, including the 20MB Internet connection and space for meetings, Internet use, networking, and collaborative projects.