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A Difficult Task: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Social Media

Digital entertainment giant Sony and the non-profit World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) put one simple question onto the web in September 2010: “How can today’s technology help us to make the most of our planet’s resources?” It was the kick-off for their initiative called Open Planet Ideas (OPI). Participants from nearly 200 countries joined the journey to find an answer. In doing so, they identified more than 300 challenges our world faces at the moment. For instance, how do we turn our behaviours less resource-intensive? And how to turn waste into something useful?

Sustainable Tourism in Kyrgyzstan?

Dainar rarely smiles and doesn’t seem to notice us much as we ride behind him through the endless grasslands. We’re in Kyrgyzstan, and excited to start a three-day horse trek into the mountains. Dainar is our guide – a very serious and quiet guide. He is twelve.