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Project Manager, Urban Mobility Switzerland (D/E)

We seek for a project manager to lead a six-month student newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland”. ZURICH, Switzerland – Student Reporter provides an innovative media format to mobilize newsrooms that produce journalistic content, which aims to promote informed debates on phenomena from a business and economics angle. For the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” newsroom, we are looking for a project manager to work side-by-side with an editor and form the leadership team. Together with the editor, you will oversee the journalistic articles and multimedia products produced by the students. The content will be delivered through our digital platform and social media channels, as well as digital and print channels of our media partner, NZZ Campus.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Climate Adaptation

Climate adaptation, preparing for the effects of climate change, often gets overlooked in sustainable business discussions. However, it presents some powerful and innovative opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you look only at the photos of my new favorite blog, you’ll see two smiling women gallivanting across the USA: dipping their feet in the sea, hitching rides on golf carts and literally hugging trees. But look a little closer and read the posts, and you’ll soon realize this is not a frivolous cross-country jaunt. Kirsten Howard and Allie Goldstein embarked on the Great American Adaptation Road Trip to explore how businesses, municipalities, communities and individuals are preparing for the repercussions of climate change.

We Recruit: Copy Editor (Freelance)

This position is now closed. We are hiring for a copy editor on a freelance basis to support the publisher by taking over proofreading in grammar and style. Qualifications:

Excellent command of the English language (American preferable, British ok). Excellent knowledge and experience in AP Style. 3+ yrs of professional experience in journalism or copy editing of journalistic writing (news, profiles, opinion).

The Man Behind the Other Nobel Prize

The life stories of Jakob von Uexküll and Alfred Nobel are curiously intertwined, even if starkly different. Mr. Nobel was born in 1833, Mr. von Uexküll 111 years later, in 1944. While Mr. Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and an arms manufacturer, Mr. von Uexküll was a professional stamp collector and journalist – the latter profession a key link between the two men and the prizes each established. In 1888, a French newspaper, mistakenly thinking the inventor and industrialist had died, published Alfred Nobel’s obituary, headlining it “The Merchant of Death is Dead.” The obituary read: “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who made his fortune by finding a way to kill the most people as ever before in the shortest time possible, died yesterday.” Actually, Alfred’s brother Ludvig was the one who had died. Mortified upon seeing how he would be remembered posthumously, the (younger and then still alive) Mr. Nobel reconsidered his impact on the world and decided shortly thereafter to establish the now-world-famous set of international awards.

How the Heart of the Financial World Might Discover It Needs Heart

Sunnie Toelle provides her opinion on the recent state of the financial industry in Switzerland. ZURICH, Switzerland – Peter Munk is a poor young man desperately wishing to be wealthy. Tempted by the evil ghost of the woods, he trades his warm heart for riches and a heart of stone. Even though Wilhelm Hauff penned this Black Forest parable about the neglect of ethical values in favor of uninhibited materialism in 1827, it appears today timelier than ever. In the past years, headlines of calculated, cold-hearted financial decision-makers have flooded the news.

Call for Applications: Co-Creating the University of the Future at oikos FutureLab, St. Gallen-Switzerland

Join us as we report on the transformation of higher education and student activism, taking place at oikos FutureLab in St. Gallen–Switzerland, 11-12 November, 2013. Project Highlights

Focus on the transformation of higher education and international student movements in business and economics education. Onsite program dates are 10-13 November with a team of three onsite reporters and offsite editorial support. Onsite costs (food, accommodation, conference fee) are covered.

“Exposure” – Former CEO Michael Woodford’s Naked Truth on Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing has become a major news item again since Edward Snowden recently decided to expose secretive materials of the National Security Agency. What about whistleblowing in the corporate world? During the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, Michael Woodford (former CEO of the Olympus Corporation) shared his insights and experiences in whistleblowing in the Olympus scandal. His story provides us with valuable lessons regarding corporate governance and human nature, but an elementary question remains: where do we go from here? ST GALLEN, Switzerland – Whistleblowing: an act of courage or betrayal?

The Happiness Tipping Point

MILAN, Italy – “I think it’s here,” Prof. Martin Seligman said as he made a blue dot only millimeters to the left of the tipping point on the diffusion of innovations graph I had sketched in my Moleskine notebook. Martin Seligman, the “father of positive psychology” had just lectured on Well-being at Work to over 500 business professionals at the Positive Business Forum in Milan. The two-day conference can be understood as the latest manifestation of a larger global phenomenon, labeled by the media as the “happiness movement” or “happiness industry”. With initiatives springing up in every sector – academic, cultural, spiritual, economic, public and private – what is the big picture? Does it matter?

How to Pitch Your Story to an Editor

So you’ve been researching on a topic for your Masters thesis for while and have developed an interesting angle. Or, maybe you’re attending a conference and would like a unique way to connect with thoughtleaders or key figures in your field by hunting down interesting stories. Either way, pitching and publishing as a contributor in a newspaper or magazine is a great way to publicize and establish a voice and expertise in your respective field.

Here are some tips from those in the field for aspiring freelance writers – also known as, disciplined, hustling idea generators.