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How Sports Is Reducing Social Inequality in Rural South Africa

A netball match at Molemole Sporting Academy.

Apartheid South Africa was all about discrimination. White supremacy ran so deep that black inferiority was enforced by ensuring that the best and perhaps only sporting facilities were reserved for and provided to white citizens. We zoom in on what the situation with sporting facilities looks like in the new South Africa in rural areas, and what this means to rural youth in Limpopo.

Student Reporter is now Pro Journo

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In 2011, when Tim founded Student Reporter as part of his oikos Phd fellowship, he envisioned to build The Economist for young people.

We Need to Talk About Non-Gender-Conforming Media Workers, Too

Banner at the 2013 Rally for Transgender Equality

Women’s magazine Marie Claire announced last July the addition of a new name to its masthead: author Janet Mock was named contributing editor. The news received wide media attention, not just because of Mock’s résumé but because of her gender identity as well. Mock is a professional writer who happens to be a transsexual woman. In the stories about her appointment, her gender identity and her new job were talked about in the same breath. Student Reporter talked with transsexual and intersex journalists about their perspectives on having a presence, voice and career in the media.