And the Beat Goes On

The Dream to Make It Big! Limpopo-Based Redwood Band’s Story

Redwood Band perfoming at a local function in Limpopo

Freedom of expression, of creativity and of association was not a given in pre-1994 South Africa. Redwood is a band made up of youths, mostly from rural Limpopo, expressing themselves in their music. We learn what it means to them to have such liberties in South Africa and how they want to make a living out of these “rights.”

Taking Filmmaking to New (Unmanned) Heights


SAN DIEGO, U.S. —Aerial MOB is one of a growing number of aerial cinematography companies utilizing drones for filming in commercials, TV shows and feature films. It has done work for shoe companies, car companies, Ivy League universities and even MTV, but a major part of its current focus isn’t on the next high-profile client. It’s on the Federal Aviation Administration. The company, founded two years ago, is one of seven seeking an exemption to the FAA’s ban on commercial drone flights. In June, the FAA said it was considering the exemptions, which have support from the Motion Picture Association of America. In its letter to the FAA, the MPAA said drones are safer than helicopters for filmmaking and offer greater creative freedom.

Planting for Pollinators Goes Political

A bee hovers near a welcoming flower.

Everywhere, pesticides are wiping out bees and other pollinators. They are also losing their habitats and food sources because of development. The U.K. government is formulating a strategy, but critics are concerned that funding for proposed research might come from pesticide producers. As the debate goes on, one thing is clear: We all need to get planting.