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Through these projects, our teams of carefully selected reporters explore current topics in management and economics through a series of articles. We delve deeply into these topics through peer learning, and interviews and webinars with relevant practitioners, academics and thoughtleaders. We aim to identify critical insights, emerging trends, and key stories that make up these topics, and why they are relevant in sustainability today.

Huffington Post / Schwab Foundation – Social Entrepreneurship, 2013

Social entrepreneurship is everywhere: heroic individuals build innovative solutions to transform the texture of the world’s social fabric. Who could disagree with them? What have we learned in a decade of emergent debate on the topic?  What are the realities and politics of a topic nobody, be it business men, policy makers, professors, students, or parents, can avoid touching upon one way or another? The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the Huffington Post Impact Section and Student Reporter have teamed up to form a group of students from various disciplines to become critically entangled with the myth of the individual entrepreneur. For six months the team will feature the work of social entrepreneurs, but also craft the little stories that lie beyond the myth. The project is led by Tim Lehmann and Sunmin Kim. Articles in this series can also be found on the Student Reporter account on The Huffington Post.