Sunserae Smith

Sunserae Smith

Sunserae Smith was born in San Francisco, California. She currently is a graduate student at Columbia University in the Environmental Science and Policy program under The Earth Institute. A translator of science, Sunserae is a research assistant of quantitative research methods, energy and the society of inventing the renewable century. Prior to graduate school, Sunserae served as the Deputy Finance Director for Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker’s campaign organization, Booker Team for Newark. In 2009 Sunserae was appointed by a New Jersey judge an officer of court for Essex County’s foster children. Upon her undergraduate studies, she followed her passion for social, environmental justice and urban transformation and fought for the parole of five women in prison for second degree murder. Sunserae graduated from The College of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley where she studied architecture and city and regional planning and played Division I lacrosse. In addition, she plays tennis and basketball, loves karate, photography, food, cooking, reading, designing and the great outdoors.

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Rio’s Pacifying Police Unit – a Walk Through Favela Morro da Providėncia

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brasil – As the summer is coming to a close for those in the Northern Hemisphere and the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are now behind us, we cannot help but anticipate the excitement that will ensue in another four years in the shimmering landscape of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Being the first South American city to ever host the Olympic Games we had the opportunity to witness the transformation of a city during the Rio+20 Earth Summit preparing to host 2014 FIFA World Cup Games and 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The series of mega events brings Brazil’s will to become a modern economic powerhouse on the center stage of the international developing community. However, Brazil’s success is threatened by how it will resolve its social and environmental problems, and maybe most important the public’s fear to its blood shed routines in their urban landscape. On picturesque mountains of Rio de Janeiro scale favelas or shanty towns in organized chaos of urban areas.

Made in [ADD All Countries That Apply]: The Race Against China

Although China dominates in the race to be the leading global manufacturer of clean renewable energy, they are not necessarily doing the most for the environment. China, consistently pushing the clean energy market towards an economic future, was expected to be a leading developing country in negotiations at Rio+20. As they lap the United States and world economies in this race by training a skilled clean energy workforce and providing steep subsidies more and more manufacturing companies are heading overseas. The US simply cannot compete. If the US does not demonstrate a greater sense of urgency to contrive alternative clean energy policies coupled with investment initiatives, it will fall further behind economically.

What Are You Addicted To?

TEDx never fails me. My seduction of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro (informally abbreviated as Rio+20) as a 20-year follow-up to the ground-breaking 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development hosted in the same city, officially began at the independently organized, TEDx Rio+20 event. TEDx orchestrated a thought-provoking production of fully planned unique content and design at the Rio de Janeiro headland Forte de Copacabana on the 11 and 12 of June. The highlighted event on Human Power ended on the luring topic “Chaos to Order”. The Hungarian born and Canadian physician, Dr. Gabor Maté, who specializes in the study and treatment of addiction, took us through the intricacies and complications of an addict and noted it is a myth that drugs by themselves are addictive.